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How to Drive a Semi Trailer

2016-11-19 10:17:35

In fact, as long as you pay attention to a few of his points , nor is it very rare. Here I am as a semi-trailer manufacturers can teach you the recipe .

 ( A ) because the trailer with one of the cars are not the same, so be sure to turn it back on the big big , we must pay attention to the location of the wheels hanging attention trailer cornering angle greater than the main vehicle for at least one meter , the only way you can be better reversing done faster .

( B) the trailer when overtaking must pay attention not to return immediately after the vehicle traveling beyond the road, because the trailers are generally long , sure to set aside the appropriate distance, which is a skill , you look outside mirrors after overtaking after than , the full head Hou appeared after the car rearview mirror , this time you're back lane.

(C ) because the trailer will have some chance of rain in the snow slip road conditions linked to the main roof of the car occurs , it must not Jicha , and hard acceleration . Here to remind you : Do not use a wet road ice breath brakes , the consequences will be very dangerous if you are using a direct result of the drive wheels stop turning , the vehicle stalled, and thus can not control the vehicle , we must keep in mind .

(D ) on the reverse , this would require hard work and practice , generally six months to semi- skilled drivers soonest reversing . This focus is in the opposite direction inside reverse, predictable style back wheel should be noted that in the trailer when reversing , not to repeatedly play direction, which is the worst habit of doing so will make you do not know the location of the trailer ~ ! If you add files have the oil boom , and that 's how much oil we have to waste ah ! ! ! The so-called oil boom when the downshift is done ! The purpose of the downshift to the oil boom of the engine speed and vehicle speed balanced to achieve the addition and subtraction without using the clutch gear !
Here I said this , I believe we have some experience of it, if you feel okay about it on the top .
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