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Four role of an accumulator

2016-07-22 12:07:40

       The use of air brakes of the truck, there will be an accumulator, then what is the principle of an accumulator? 
     Gas on the truck where there are many small to whistle, large brakes, etc. If there is no reservoir pump, pump out the air compressor alone, is not enough. Then you need to first air compressor to pump air stored in the accumulator, waiting for the critical moment to use. Like mountain creek, not enough to drive generators, and after the accumulation of the reservoir, in order to promote is a reason. 
     We all know that the air contains large amounts of dust and water molecules, as well as due to compressor failure pumped into the oil, if you enter the vehicle's gas path which, over time, easily damaged vehicle parts, to cause some traffic safety hazard. Pumped into the air by the compressor in an accumulator for a short stay, due to air in the water molecules and the relative weight of dirt, oil and air to heavy, it will fall into the lower reservoir pump, then underway accumulator the filtering. 
     Compressor pumps air into the vehicle through which, due to the up and down movement of the piston compressor, air flowing into the path of the air vehicle extremely unstable. Accumulator as reservoirs in general, let flow into unstable air after staying, and then flows out through the air outlet after the regulator. 
     Outside air is sucked air compressor compression, smaller size at the same time would produce a certain temperature. The relative density of the high temperature becomes smaller, so that the volume of air stored in fewer; moisture carried in the air is not easy because of the relationship between the temperature of the precipitation. So you must enter the automotive gas path cooling air to be one. And this cooling process is implemented in two parts, one is the spiral, the other one is the accumulator.

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