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Hanging Brief Trailer

2016-07-07 10:01:23

A typical suspension structure by elastic element, guiding mechanism and shock absorbers and other components, as well as buffer block the individual structure, horizontal stabilizer and so on. Elastic elements have leaf springs, air springs, coil springs and torsion springs, etc., and use more modern car suspension coil springs and torsion bar springs, individual air springs are used limousine. 

     Suspension is a general term for all power transmission connection device or a car frame and axle between the wheels, and its role is to pass in between the wheels and the frame torsional force and power, and the frame buffer passed by uneven road or vehicle body impact and attenuates vibrations caused thereby to ensure that the car can travel smoothly. 

     The suspension is an important vehicle assembly, the frame and wheels which resiliently linked to a variety of performance related to the vehicle. From the outside, only by some car suspension rods, tube and springs, but do not think it is very simple, opposite car suspension is a more difficult to achieve the perfect vehicle assembly requirements, it is because both suspension to meet the comfort requirements of the car, but also to meet the requirements of its handling and stability, and these two aspects are mutually contradictory. For example, in order to achieve good comfort, require a significant cushion vehicle vibration, the spring must be designed to be softer, but spring soft but easy to make the car happen brake "nod" to accelerate "payable to" roll around and serious adverse tendencies, is not conducive to automobile steering, easily lead to vehicle handling and instability.

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