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What Kind of Flatbed Semi Trailer Do You Need

2015-09-21 17:23:28

You can own your own Flatbed Semi Trailer, whether it is a regular sized pickup or one of the big rigs and still rent a trailer. A flatbed semi trailer rental is more common than you think, especially for the tractor units. If you need one strictly to help move some large pieces of equipment or something similar, then you may want to consider a flatbed semi trailer. They are perfect for moving equipment that can handle being exposed to the weather so a covered one is not necessary. There are many different types of trailers that are available for rent, such as drop deck trailers, which as the name implies, drops down for easier access. These are very popular for transporting vehicles of any kind because the vehicles can be driven onto one. Lowboy trailers are another example of trailers for rent and again, as the name implies, they are very low to the ground making them easy to load, yet are also able to handle a great deal of weight.

Another popular flatbed semi trailer rental is a dry van trailer, and is one that is very true to its name. It is a trailer designed to carry only dry goods or equipment; most often they have some type of paneling or covering inside.

Don't be fooled by the word van because it is a full size one, yet the inside is similar to what you would find in a van. This one would be good for hauling soft goods, such as clothing and paper products. Of course if you need one to help around a construction site, then you may want to consider renting a flatbed semi trailer. If you need something to haul away lumber scraps, metal or trash then dump truck trailers are your best bet. They are made specifically for those types of loads and have a very large capacity so that fewer trips will have to be made.

One trailer that most vehicle drivers are very familiar with is the reefer trailers, or quite literally, refrigerators on wheels. This type of truck trailer rental may be used by manufacturers of perishable goods, or to transport produce from the farm to the supermarket. It is the only way to safely transfer products such as meat, dairy products and frozen foods. The refrigeration can be set to "on" even when the vehicle is turned off so that the products inside will stay at the proper temperature.

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