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In what situation drum brakes are better than disc brakes?

2016-07-01 10:50:37
Disc brakes tend to dissipate heat better and do not collect nearly as much dust as drum brakes (which traps the brake dust in the drum with nowhere to go), so disc brakes will work better as a rule. Pad wear tends to be more even. Also, the rear wheel cylinders do not rust out and fail as often as with drum brakes. 

The drawbacks are with discs are: 

1) When using metal-based pads (common these days), disc rotors tend to warp far more often, especially on the front. They will tend to squeal more unless anti-squeal shims are fitted to the back of the pads. 

2) Drum brakes warm up faster in very cold weather. 

3) Loose gravel stones wedged between the rotor and calipers will cause damage. 

4) When driving through wheel-deep water, disc brakes (especially with metal-based pads) do not work as well as drums until the rotors spin the water off. 

5) When used as a parking brake, rear drums tend to work better.

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