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How to better use Axle Wheel Hub

2015-10-12 14:42:42

Wheels are usually mounted on the Axle Wheel Hub. They prevent friction between the car body and the wheel. In a vehicles suspension, the hub is a central component. It holds the shock and oil assembly together. The hub also holds the upper and lower control arms together. The caliper and brake rotor are located in the hub which holds the wheel in place. Faulty hubs are dangerous and could lead to the wheel separating from the vehicle. A number of tests can be carried out to know when your wheel hub is going bad. In order to extend the life of axle wheel hub, at the time of purchase and use many of the areas that need your attention. This can show you simple to understand something.

You will need a wheel jack, dial indicator, tire wrench, floor jack, breaker bar and a socket wrench:  If after driving for about ten miles, the hub is very warm or hot due to friction, replace the hub. Rotate the wheel using your hands. If the hub is rough and produces a grinding noise then it's worn out. In case of roughness, then it might no longer be functional.  Do a hand rotation to check for 'play' on the wheel. 'Play' is the wiggling capacity your wheel has. Your hands at 3 and 9 o'clock on the wheel, turn it while pushing and pulling at the same time. Shake the wheel while holding it at 6 and 12 o'clock. The hub should not have any play. Play on the wheels means that the hub is faulty.  Repeat the shake step after removing the tire and the brake assembly. The caliper should be supported so as not to damage brake lines. When the tire and assembly are removed, it's easier to tell whether the hub is faulty. Any noise or unusual movement means the hub is faulty. Before changing the wheel hub, consult the vehicles manual. To change the wheel hub, use a tire wrench to loosen the wheel lug nuts by 45 degrees counterclockwise. Under the front jack point, place the floor jack behind the radiator and jack up the vehicle. Under the front pinch welds located underneath the passenger side and front driver doors place jack stands on the vehicles underside. Remove the wheel from the wheel hub, after removing all the lug nuts. At the axle wheel hub center, pull the cotter pin and use a breaker bar and a socket wrench to remove the axle nut.

Remove the bolts that connect both the upper control arm and the lower control arm to the wheel hub. Remove the bolts that hold the tie rod to the wheel hub after lowering the jack. Remove the hub. Install a new axle wheel hub using the above steps in reverse.

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